Are you keeping a tight rein on your finances, or do you spend like there’s no tomorrow? Find out if you need to make financial changes with our quick quiz:

Illustration of card machine for Diagnose Your Spending quiz

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Quick starter questions
What age bracket do you fall into?
What is your gender?
How many dependants do you have?
What is your relationship status?
Question 1
What is your annual income?
Question 2
How much are you likely to spend on your food shopping each week?
Question 3
Which of the below best describes your living situation?
Question 4
Have you ever paid bills using any of the below?
Question 5
Have you paid for any of the following on finance?
Question 6
Have you ever experienced any of the below as a result of your financial situation?
Question 7
Have you ever hidden your financial situation from any of the below?
Question 8
Who do you feel comfortable speaking to about your finances?